One Stop Certification

New Jersey One-Stop Certification Process

Background – The following documents are required to be submitted by each local Workforce Investment Area seeking One-Stop Certification. These may be considered gateways to certification consideration:

A completed cover document / letter of transmittal requesting State of New Jersey One-Stop certification dated 1/18/21
Current/Full Workforce Development Board Certification
Verification of meeting disability/accessibility standards;

Attachment 1 - ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

Attachment 2 - One-Stop Services Accessibility

Verification of meeting grievance/complaint/EO standards;

Participant Grievance Procedure

New Jersey Unified One-Stop Career Center Complaint Procedure

Local Memorandum of Understanding between the Workforce Board and its local one-stop partners;
A completed Quality Benchmarking Tool;
Completed Minimum Standard of Service Delivery Checklist.




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